Outdoor Classroom


The Outdoor Classroom at Limerick Elementary School is a beautiful space that offers students and teachers the opportunity to enjoy a unique learning atmosphere as weather permits throughout the school year.

As with any outdoor space, the OC is in need of routine maintenance, cleanup, and creativity. Our mission is to make it a fun, charming place to be enjoyed by the students and staff of LES and a space that can help expand lesson plans and learning experiences beyond the typical classroom setting.

The Outdoor Classroom committee, comprised of LES Home & School League volunteers, will use this page for planning, ideation, and updates around everything related to the Outdoor Classroom. If you’d like to join the committee or help out in any way, please get in touch!


Taken April 8, 2021

Taken October 16, 2020

Current Projects & Opportunities

Updated April 11, 2021

Note that the spring cleanup is in progress! Get in touch if you’re interested in lending a hand!


In March 2020, we organized the first-ever Limerick Elementary Comic Con event, which was billed as a fundraiser for the Outdoor Classroom. While we would love to make this an annual tradition and continue to improve on the successful inaugural model, whether or not we’ll be able to have in-person events in 2021 is still very much up in the air.

We still hope to be able to do something special this year, so please feel free to drop us any ideas. If we get the OC in proper shape, perhaps there’s a chance we can do something special in the fall.


Have an idea? You can either comment directly on this page or submit your thoughts via the survey embedded below.

2 thoughts on “Outdoor Classroom

  1. Definitely would like to see a ‘community garden’ even an herb garden,
    And some obvious areas for beautification.
    Also for events:Virtual lessons…i.e ‘how to’ videos, maybe done by local farmers, gardeners, arborists even a bee keeper maybe??


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